Quebec Skilled Worker Program - Provincial Nominee (QSWP)

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program - Provincial Nominee (QSWP)

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you know: that if you are applying under the Quebec Skilled Worker program (which is opening very soon) you may need to apply without your husband or wife. This isn’t to say that they can’t ever come to Canada, but you will need to sponsor them later, once you become a Canadian Permanent Resident.
We completely understand that applying without your spouse might not sound very appealing to potential newcomers but it is simply a step that must be taken to achieve your Canadian Immigration goals.

Why You Might Have to Apply Without Your Spouse:
The Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program is a great program to be eligible for. It allows you and your family to live and work in Canada with the same freedoms as a citizen. The QSW program is also a point-based system and in order to qualify for this program; the applicant must meet, or exceed the minimum point requirement. The point system takes into account many different, some of which are: if you have children or if you are married.
Children, when included, always add points to your application, but a spouse is different. When you apply with a spouse, it increases the total amount of points you will need to qualify.
If your spouse does not have completed post-secondary education or they studied in a field that is not prioritized in Quebec, it is unlikely that your spouse will add any points to your application. Since having a spouse increases the number of points it takes to qualify, included them on your immigration file could mean you don’t have enough points to meet the pass mark.
We should also mention this option, to apply without your spouse in order to lower the number of points needed to qualify, only applies to applicants submitted under the QSW program and not the Express Entry system.

What You Can Do:
In the event that including your spouse is detrimental to the success of your QSW application, an applicant has the option to have their spouse examined for immigration purposes but not included on the application.
Being examined for immigration purposes means that they will need to provide almost every document requested for an accompanying family member except government processing fees and they will be listed as “non-accompanying”. It is important to mention that having your spouse
examined for immigration purposes keeps the door open to sponsor your spouse, once you become a Canadian PR.

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Re: Quebec Skilled Worker Program - Provincial Nominee (QSWP)

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Next Application Intake for Quebec Skilled Worker Program begins January 18, 2016 #quebec #canadaPR #Qswp #provincialnominee #immigration

The harbour and skyline of Montreal, Quebec, Canada on a clear, bright summer dayPostal submission quota for QSWP reached within one week
The first of two application intake periods for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) has reached its cap/limit of 3,500 submitted applications. The next submission period, which will welcome up to 2,800 fresh applications through a new online system, begins on January 18, 2015 and may run until March 31, 2016 at the latest.

The government of Quebec announced on November 10 that the first intake cap had been reached, with the program having opened less than a week earlier on November 4. This first intake period accepted applications made by post only; applications sent by post will no longer be accepted and will be returned.

The QSWP is a popular Canadian immigration program, with successful applicants and their families becoming eligible to obtain Canadian permanent resident status after receiving a Quebec Selection Certificate/certificat de selection du Québec (CSQ) from the government of Quebec.

The QSWP has not closed

Candidates for the QSWP should note that the program has not closed. Rather, the first intake period has reached its cap. It appears that many candidates who had prepared in anticipation for the reopening of the QSWP were well positioned to submit an application within that timeframe, while others can use this window of opportunity to prepare for January. The same program eligibility requirements are expected to remain in place for the next submission period.

Preparing for January and the new online system

The government of Quebec has stated its intention to reveal more details about the online system before the submission period begins, including making the system available to cap-exempt applicants (see the end of this article) as of January 5, 2016. It has already been disclosed that, similar to the federal Express Entry system, applicants to the QSWP will have a limited time period during which they may submit all supporting documentation.

(Please note that the QSWP and Express Entry systems are completely unrelated. The QSWP does not have an ‘Expression of Interest’ stage, and operates on a first-come, first-served basis.)

With a slightly reduced intake cap compared with the postal submission period (2,800 versus 3,500) and with the latter having reached its quota within one week, it is expected that the quota for the upcoming submission period will also be reached quickly.

An increasing range of Canadian immigration programs have been moved to online systems over recent months, with application management and processing being either primarily or completely electronic. The federal Express Entry system is perhaps the most notable example, and Quebec is the latest province to come on board. In addition to cutting down on unnecessary costs and delays, the removal of paperwork makes the immigration process less cumbersome, more transparent, and more reactive than before.

QSWP criteria

The QSWP is a points-based immigration program, where points are awarded for an applicant’s area of training, work experience, language proficiency, age, prior relationship with Quebec, the human capital factors of the applicant’s spouse or common-law partner (if applicable), and whether or not the applicant has a validated job offer from an employer in Quebec.

If an individual satisfies the minimum points requirement for these factors, he or she may then gain additional points for any accompanying dependent children and proof of financial self-sufficiency. A job offer is not required for this program.

French proficiency not a bar to eligibility

Applicants should also note that French proficiency is not an eligibility requirement for the program, though points may be awarded to candidates with French proficiency. Applicants who do not have knowledge of French may still be eligible to apply as long as they obtain enough points for their other credentials, which may include English proficiency.

Single applicants must score at least 49 points, while applicants with a spouse or common-law partner must score at least 57 points. Once a CSQ has been issued, applicants are required to complete medical and security examinations conducted by the federal government in order to be granted Canadian permanent resident status. Potential applicants to the QSWP should have the intention to reside within the province of Quebec.

A number of changes have been made to the QSWP process and criteria throughout 2015, including the release of a new area of training list. In addition, in August, 2015, the government of Quebec lowered the pass mark required to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate/certificat de selection du Québec (CSQ) and, at the same time, removed the ‘adaptability’ factor from the points-based program. Consequently, candidates who may not have been eligible for a previous application cycle of the QSWP may now be eligible to submit an application.

Pursuing both a federal and a Quebec application

In contrast to the federal economic immigration programs that are processed through the Express Entry selection system, the QSWP remains a first-come, first-served immigration program. There is no ‘Expression of Interest’ stage for the QSWP, and consequently it may be viewed by individuals interested in immigrating to Canada as a more assured and straightforward way of obtaining Canadian permanent residence.

According to the governments of Quebec and Canada, individuals can submit an Express Entry profile and submit an application under the QSW, provided that one or the other is withdrawn when either a CSQ or Invitation to Apply (ITA) is issued. The QSWP may be an enticing option for individuals who wish to make an application to immigrate to Canada without having to be invited to apply, as well as by individuals who are in the Express Entry pool and wish to increase their chances of successfully immigrating to Canada.

Preparation is key

“When demand for something is high and supply is low, competition increases. With respect to the upcoming application intake period of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, we can expect this to be the case,” says Attorney. “Therefore, it is important for potential applicants to gather good information and familiarity with the system, as well as supporting documentation, as early as possible.”

“A series of welcome announcements and changes made by the government of Quebec over the course of this year give applicants a more streamlined process than before. Not only has the adaptability interview stage been removed, but applicants will also be presented with a simplified documentation checklist, an Area of Training list that rewards occupations that many people have experience in, and what is likely to be an efficient online application system. But without thorough advanced preparation and expert knowledge of the program, potential applicants may not be maximizing their chances of success.”

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Re: Quebec Skilled Worker Program - Provincial Nominee (QSWP)

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Mon projet Québec: Online submissions for Quebec Permanent Residence under Skilled worker program

Reference Documents:

Area of training document

Single Applicant Worksheet

Married/Common law applicant Worksheet

The Mon Project Quebec is an online application portal for Quebec Immigration and it is modelled similar to the Federal Express Entry platform with differences of course. This project allows applications to be accepted online and the program is currently operational only for Skilled worker program for international applications. The Mon Project Quebec accepts Skilled worker applications for Quebec Permanent Residence applications and issues Quebec Selection Certificates to successful candidates.

The first Mon project selection is based on a points system and the points awarded:

If you are single, you need a minimum of 49 points and if you are married or with common-law,

points to qualify

Other factors influencing points are

Work Experience
Language Proficiency
Validated Employment Offer
Financial Self-Sufficiency
Stay and Family in Quebec
Spouse/Common-law partner’s Age
Spouse/Common-law partner’s French Language Proficiency

Now let us talk one by one, and the first one is Education which gives you a maximum of 30 points, Education has 2 separate sections,

Maximum points for Level of Education is 14 points. I have displayed here a chart enlisting the level of education and the corresponding points. Please view the chart in the video. Please note down your points or use the worksheet and write it down so that you can add up the total once you complete this video. At any time you want to pause to look at charts or write down, please press the pause button.
Maximum points for Area of Training is 16 points. The diploma/degree must have been awarded within the five years preceding the application for a CSQ or the candidate must have legally practiced for at least one year, during the five years preceding the application for a CSQ, a profession directly related to the diploma/degree obtained and for which he or she is being assessed. The points for each Area of training is provided in a pdf document, please review the document and match your profession with the one listed in the pdf document.

The second section is points for Work Experience and the maximum for Work experience is 8 points, and here is the chart. Please view the chart in the video

The third section is points for Age, and the maximum points is 16, please review this chart and note the points corresponding to your age. Please view the chart in the video

The Fourth section is points for Language proficiency. This section is divided into two, one is points for Proficiency in French and the second is Proficiency in English. This is the chart for French Proficiency, Please view the chart in the video. Please note down the points corresponding to your Proficiency level. Now, this is the chart for proficiency in English, Please view the chart in the video. Please click the pause button, compare your proficiency level and note down the points.

The fifth section is points for a Validated Employment Offer and the maximum is 10 points. If you Employment offer is for a job within the Montreal Metro area, the points awarded is 6 points and if the Employment offer is for a job outside Montreal Metro, the points awarded is 10 points.

The sixth section is points for Financial Self-sufficiency and the maximum is 1 point. If you sign a financial autonomy contract, you will be awarded this point and the contract you need to sign is mandatory.

The Seventh section awards points for links with Quebec and the maximum is 8 points and has two parts. The first part covers your time in Quebec and the maximum points is 5 points. Here points are awarded based on the time you spent in the province of Quebec and the purpose of your visit. Please view the chart in the video. This chart is self-explanatory and if you have spent time in Quebec, please match the points corresponding to your situation and write it down. The Second part provides points for family in Quebec and the maximum points awarded is 3 points and this chart explains this part. Please view the chart in the video. If you have a relative in Quebec, please pause, write down the points corresponding to your situation and proceed,

The eighth section is for married individuals or common-law individuals and covers spouses Education Area and Training. Maximum is 4 points. This can be viewed in the pdf document.

The ninth section is for married individuals or common-law individuals and covers points for age of spouse. This chart illustrates the points. Please view the chart in the video

The tenth section is for language proficiency of spouse and the maximum points for this section is 6 points. Please view the chart in the video

The eleventh section is for applicants with children. Quebec Immigration awards points if you have children. For each child 12 years or below in age, you earn 4 points and for each child 13 to 21 you earn 2 points.

I have also provided here a chart showing the Financial Self Sufficiency amount which you need to demonstrate when applying for Quebec Skilled. Please view the charr

If you have any questions about this program, please post them below.

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