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Documents Required

Documents to be submitted by all applicants

Application form completely filled and dully signed by the applicant

Valid passport that should
have been issued within the last 10 years
be of validity exceeding by three months after the scheduled return
include at least two empty pages
Two recent (not older than six months) passport-size photo in color with white background and face of the applicant must cover at least 80% of the frame, according to the relevant specifications laid down by ICAO
Clear photocopy of first and last page of the passport and at least two Schengen visas, if applicable
Cover Letter signed by the applicant explaining the purpose of visit to the Czech Republic and entire travel plan (itinerary)
Travel medical insurance valid for all Schengen-countries .The insurance has to cover the applicant for at least 30,000 Euros or equivalent, for all risks e.g. accident, illness, medical emergency evacuation etc. The policy has to clearly specify the period of validity and has to cover the entire duration of the trip including the date of arrival and departure

Proof of means of transport
Flight reservation of return or round ticket. If the applicant is travelling to several Schengen States, proof of intra-Schengen flight reservation, train itinerary or car rental.

Proof of lodging
Hotel reservations, rental of holiday home or campus residence reservation. If the applicant intends to stay with a family member or a friend, proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation from the host. Individual Schengen States may require applicant to present proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation by completing a form drawn up by the Schengen State’s competent authority (hereinafter 'national form'). If applicant is travelling to several Schengen States, proof of lodging in each of them.

Proof of financial means
Original private bank statement showing movements in the last three months, duly stamped and signed by the bank;
Indian income tax return acknowledgment for the last two assessment years;
In addition:

If the applicant is employed:
Payslips for the last three months;
Employment contract;
Employer’s statement on approval for holidays.

If the applicant is a company owner or self-employed:
Certificate of registration of the company.

If the applicant is sponsored:
Proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation by completing a national form of the Schengen State concerned (seethe website of the Member State of destination)

If the applicant is retired:
Pension statements for the last three months;
Proof of regular income generated by ownership of property or business.

If the applicant is a minor:
If the minor is travelling with only one parent, written consent certified by public notary of the other parent or guardian, except in cases of a parent having sole custody or guardianship of the minor;
If the minor travels alone (without parents), written consent, certified by public notary, of both parents or guardians having custody or guardianship of the minor;
Copies of the passport of the parents. If not applicable, birth certificate of the applicant and copies of the ID cards of the parents.
In case of pupils and students: proof of enrolment in school or university.

Additional documents must be submitted for

Business trips
Invitation from the inviting company or organisation;
Cover letter from the applicant's employer;

Both letters must confirm, as a minimum:
The applicant's identity;
The purpose of the journey (meetings, conferences, training or business related events);
The period and place of intended stay.
Journeys undertaken for the purpose of study, research, or other types of internship
Certificate of admission or registration at an educational establishment for the purpose of attending academic or vocational courses, or cover letter from the inviting company;
Student cards or certificates of the establishment at which the applicant is enrolled.

Journeys undertaken for the purpose of tourism
Certificate of the travel agency confirming the booking of an organised trip or any other appropriate document indicating the travel plans;
Marriage certificate, if applicant is married and cannot provide evidence of marital status in the passport; copy of ration card, if applicable.

Journeys undertaken for the purpose or visiting family/friends
Marriage certificate, if applicant is married and cannot provide evidence of marital status in the passport; copy of the ration card, if applicable;
Certificate proving the existence of family relationship, if applicant is visiting relatives.

Journeys undertaken to attend cultural, sports or religious events and for film crews
Invitation, entry tickets, enrolments or programmes.
For film crews:
Letter from the film company specifying title, synopsis and shooting locations of film;
Complete list of names of travelling crew members along with their roles;
Letter from the agency in the Schengen State confirming arrangements for film permits;
Certificate of registration with the Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association or Film Chamber of Commerce.

Journeys of members of official delegations
Copy of the official invitation;
Note verbal issued by the sending authority(ies) concerned confirming:
The identity of the applicant
The purpose of the journey (meetings, consultations, negotiations or events held by intergovernmental organisations);
The period of intended stay;
The place of stay.

Journeys undertaken for the purpose of medical treatment
Certificate from a medical doctor or a medical institution confirming the need for specific medical treatment to be received in the Czech Republic;
Official document from the receiving medical institution confirming that the specific medical treatment can be performed and patient be accepted accordingly;
Proof of pre-payment of the treatment;
Any other correspondence between the sending medical doctor and the receiving medical institution.

Airport transit
Visa or other entry permit for the third country of destination.
Documents in relation to the onward journey to the final destination after the intended airport transit.

All documents need to be presented in the given order in original. Should you wish to keep any original, please provide a copy (A4 size). Please note that the Embassy of the Czech Republic reserve the right to ask for additional documents or personal appearance for an interview in special cases. Submission of the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee that a visa is granted. Submission of incomplete documentation or refusal to appear for a special visa interview may result in the rejection of your application.

The application will not be accepted if any of these documents is missing. These documents must be provided in the above mentioned order.

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